Protruar 1HP 2HP Electric Outboard

Protruar Electric Outboard Range

Efficient Workhorse for Demanding Applications

55Lbs, 1HP, 2HP and 5HP Models

Clean Power and Zero-Maintenance.

Equivalent thrust to a petrol outboard without the pollution, noise and regular service needs. Zero Maintenance Heavy duty brushless motor.


DIGIMAX Digital Speed Controller
  • DIGIMAX digital controller maximises runtime in water and conserves battery use at any power setting.
  • Enables higher power conversion efficiency.
  • Digital controller provides smooth stepless forward and reverse speeds, and as a safety feature prevents false starts when initially connected to battery.
  • Electronic 3 level LED battery monitor.
  • Energy Saving Function on GENIUS 55Lbs model.


Other Features
  • Durable contoured rubber handle provides a comfortable grip. Twist the handle to achieve smooth stepless forward and reverse speeds.
  • Telescopic handle extends for comfortable reach up to 400mm.
  • Handle swivels vertically through 180 degrees. Folds for storage or transport in car boot.
  • Durable cast aluminium shaft or stainless steel shaft depending on model. Immersion height adjusted with depth collar, to use in variable water depths.
  • Steering lock prevents free wheeling. When lock is released can steer through 360°.
  • Tilt bracket allows the motor to tilt through 10 or 7 levels (depending on model).
  • Holes on clamp screw accepts a padlock to secure the outboard while fixed to transom.
  • Supplied with sacrificial anodes (and spares) suitable for both salt and fresh water use.
  • Integral motor fin prevents prop and motor from underwater impact.
  • Waterproof rating to IP67.
  • Magnetic safety kill switch for selected models.
  • User manual and propeller fixing kit included.

Protruar Speed Control Handle Magnetic Safety Kill Switch

Protruar 1HP 2HP Electric Outboard
Protruar 1HP 2HP Electric Outboard Folding Handle


Model Max Shaft Power Comparable Petrol Outboard (HP) Battery Voltage (V) Rated Amp (Max) Shaft Length Propeller Prop Speed (Max RPM) underwater Weight (kg) Recommended Battery Capacity Recommended Boat Size
Protruar  GENIUS 55Lbs (12V) 55Lbs 1.5 HP 12 * 55A * 800 mm 2 blade, 7.6 inch (Dia.) 1600 4.4 1 x 105AH ** Up to 5.5m boat length
Protruar  1HP (12V) 1 HP 2 HP 12 * 50A * 660 mm or 900 mm 3 blade, 9.3 inch (Dia.) 1250 6.3 1 x 105AH ** Up to 6m boat length
Protruar 2HP (24V) 2 HP 3 HP 24 * 50A * 900 mm 3 blade, 9.3 inch (Dia.) 1350 6.7 2 x 105AH ** Up to 6.5m boat length.
Protruar 2HP (12V) 2 HP 3 HP 12 * 60A * 900 mm 3 blade, 10.7 inch (Dia.) 1150 10.3 1 x 105AH ** Up to 6.5m boat length.
Protruar 5HP (24V) 5 HP 6 HP 24 * 105A * 1000 mm 3 blade, 10.7 inch (Dia.) 1450 14 2 x 120AH ** Up to 8m boat length


* If using Lithium Batteries, confirm with the battery manufacturer that the battery can supply continously the Max. Rated Amp ! Note the LED Battery monitor is calibrated for Lead Acid Batteries only.
** Deep Cycle (Leisure) Battery.

Spares and Accessory
  • Replacement Propeller Set for 55LBS (12V) Protruar GENIUS Model. Includes 7.6 inch, 2 Blade Propeller. Set of Prop Nut, Washer and Drive Pin. Spare Anode. (SKU:  Enquire)