Osapian 55 Trolling Motor on Inflatable Boat

Osapian Electric Outboard Range

For Everyday Angling and Boating

30Lbs, 40Lbs, 55Lbs Thrust Models

Osapian is designed to be more than a basic trolling motor. 

Premium Features and Build Quality. The Osapian range sets itself apart from the competition by its features and build quality.


Multi-Function Handle, Compact and Portable
  • Durable contoured rubber handle provides a comfortable grip.
  • Twisting the steering handle controls the power output with 5 forward speed and 3 reverse speeds.
  • Telescopic handle extends for comfortable reach up to 350mm.
  • Collapsible folding upper body and handle saves space on-board and for storage or transport in a car boot.


Other Features
  • Powered by a 12 volt motor durable heavy duty motor.
  • 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds
  • 5 level Battery LED indicator
  • Sound Level < 50db
  • Steering lock prevents free wheeling. When lock is released can steer through 360°.
  • Tilt bracket allows the motor to tilt through 10 levels.
  • Immersion height adjusted with depth collar
  • Integral motor fin prevents prop and motor from underwater impact.
  • Supplied with a sacrificial anode and suitable for both salt and fresh water use.
  • Holes on clamp screw accepts a padlock to secure the trolling motor while fixed to transom.
  • User manual and propeller fixing kit included.
Recommended Battery
  • 12V, 105AH Deep Cycle (Leisure) Battery


Models available in 30, 40 and 55 Lbs thrust output.

Osapian Trolling Motor Folding Handle Portable Design


Model Max Thrust (Lbs) Max Battery Voltage ** (V) Rated Amp (Max) Shaft Length Propeller Prop Speed (Max RPM) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Recommended Boat Size
Osapian 30 30 12 26A – 30A 30inch / 760mm 2 blade, 9 inch (Dia.) 1200 6.6 Length 560, Height 1120, Width 150 Up to 4m boat length, max load 250kg
Osapian 40 40 12 36A – 40A 36inch / 914mm 2 blade, 9 inch (Dia.) 1400 7 Length 560, Height 1120, Width 150 Up to 4.7m boat length, max load 320kg
Osapian 55

(90cm Shaft)

55 12 45A – 55A 36inch / 914mm 3 blade, 9.3 inch (Dia.) 1400 8.2 Length 560, Height 1230, Width 150 Up to 5.5m boat length, max load 400kg
Osapian 55 (66cm Short Shaft) 55 12 45A – 55A 26inch / 660mm 3 blade, 9.3 inch (Dia.) 1400 8.15 Length 560, Height 990, Width 150 Up to 5.5m boat length, max load 400kg


** If using Lithium Batteries, do not exceed Max Battery Voltage

Spares and Accessory
  • Replacement Propeller Set for Osapian 55 Model. Includes 9.3 inch, 3 Blade Propeller, 2 Set of Prop Nut, Washer and Drive Pin. 2 Spare Anodes. (SKU: MD1188)
  • Replacement Propeller Set for Osapian 40 and Osapian 30 Models. Includes 9 inch, 2 Blade Propeller. 2 Set of Prop Nut, Washer and Drive Pin. 1 Spare Anode. (SKU: MD1187)
  • Replacement Extension and Control Handle. Fits all Osapian Models. (SKU: MD1185)
  • Replacement fin for all Osapian Models. (SKU: MD1186)
  • Replacement Transom Mounting Bracket for all Osapian Models. Complete set contains Clamp Screw, Tilting Lever, and Adjustable depth collar in one assembled package. (SKU: MD1244)
  • Replacement forward/reverse 5 speed switch for all Osapian models. (SKU: MD1184)