Armada 8HP, 48V Electric Outboard Range

True Electric Power for Larger Crafts

8HP Models. Comparable to 10HP Petrol Outboard.

Fully Electric Power for motor boats and protected waterways
  • A really green alternative to petrol outboards, giving access to restricted lakes and waterways.
  • Longlife brush-less motor with gearbox.
  • Water cooled high capacity electric motor.
  • Supplied with a sacrificial anode and suitable for both salt and fresh water use.
  • Integral motor fin prevents prop and motor from underwater impact.
Steering Options
  • Choice of tiller or steering wheel versions.
Operation & Maintenance
  • Continous Stepless forward and reverse speed control.
  • Magnetic safety kill switch
  • Electronic LED battery status indicator to monitor battery power levels.
  • Check and Change gear oil according to instruction manual.
  • Before and during use, ensure cooling water intake is not blocked by debris.
  • User manual and propeller fixing kit included.








Max Shaft Power (HP) Comparable Petrol

Outboard (HP)

Battery Voltage (V) Rated Amp (Max) Shaft Length Weight (kg) Recommended Battery Capacity Recommended Boat Size
Armada  T 8.0

(with Tiller Handle)

8 HP 10 HP 48 V* 90A * 540 mm 27.3 4 x 105AH ** Up to 9m boat length
Armada F 8.0

(Steering Wheel only)

8 HP 10 HP 48 V * 90A * 540 mm 27.3 4 x 105AH ** Up to 9m boat length.


* If using Lithium Batteries, confirm with the manufacturer that the battery can supply continously the Max. Rated Amp ! Note the LED Battery monitor is calibrated for Lead Acid Batteries only.
** Deep Cycle (Leisure) Battery.