Cayman B Bow Mount Outboard Engine

Cayman GPS / Remote Controlled Range

Specialist Outboard for Anglers and Boaters

Bow Mount GPS and Transom Mount Models

Specialist Propulsion for Anglers

Cayman B. (GPS) Bow Mount. Use as a secondary propulsion system that is quite for fishing. Remotely maintain your position in a current without dropping an anchor. GPS Navigation, Cruise Control and Anchor function with Helmsman iOS and Android App.

Cayman T. Transom Mount. Convenient propulsion system without taking your hands off the catch.


Remote / Auto-pilot Operation
  • Wireless Handheld Controller (included)
  • Digital Foot Controller with LCD backlight display (Optional Accessory for Cayman model)
  • Digital Wireless Foot Controller with LCD backlight display (Optional Accessory for Cayman GPS model)
  • Control via the Helmsman App on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android phone (Available with Cayman GPS model)


DIGIMAX Digital Speed Controller
  • Conserves battery power and maximises time in water.
  • Provides smooth step-less speed control.
  • Electronic Safety feature prevents false starts when initially connected to battery.


GPS & Smart Phone Navigation (Cayman B GPS Model Only)
  • Navigatate with GPS and Helmsman App.
  • Effortless boating with Cruise Control and Auto-pilot mode.
  • GPS Anchor function constantly works to maintain your position in a current.
  • Helmsman App available for iphone, Apple Watch, Android phones and tablets.


Other Features (Cayman B and Cayman T)
  • Adjust immersion height with depth collar, for use in variable water depths.
  • Step-less Speed control, and 360° Steering control, using the wireless remote or foot controller.
  • Electronic 5 level LED battery power level indicator.
  • Supplied with a sacrificial anode and suitable for both salt and fresh water use.
  • Use the supplied lanyard or clip to keep the remote secure.
  • Integral motor fin prevents prop and motor from underwater impact.
  • User manual and propeller fixing kit included.
Cayman T (Transom Mount)
  • Tilt to deploy into water and lock in position.


Cayman B (Bow Mount) Only
  • Deploy motor with foot pedal release
  • Quick Release Bracket mounting plate allows easy removal and storage, with an anti-theft secure locking feature (Optional Accessory)
  • Can be fixed to Boat’s Transom with the Bow to Transom Converter Bracket. SKU: MD1240/Tx (Optional Accessory)


Cayman B GPS
Cayman T Transom Mount Outboard Engine


Model Max Thrust (Lbs) Battery Voltage (V) Rated Amp (Max) Shaft Length Propeller Prop Speed (Max RPM) Weight (kg) Mounting Recommended Battery Recommended Boat Size
Cayman B GPS 55 12 * 50A 1370mm 3 blade, 9.3 inch (Dia.) 1250 13.9 Mounting footprint on Bow: 120mm x 200mm. 12V, 105AH ** Up to 5.5m boat length
Cayman T 55 12 * 50A 1000mm 3 blade, 9.3 inch (Dia.) 1250 11.8 Transom Clamp Screws 12V, 105AH ** Up to 5.5m boat length


* If using Lithium Battery, ensure Nominal Battery Voltage is not exceeded.

** Deep Cycle (Leisure) Battery.

Helmsman App

Helmsman APP for iOS Devices on Apple App Store
Helmsman APP for Android Devices on Google Play
Cayman B GPS. Helmsman APP Quick Start Guide (PDF File)

Spares and Accessory
  • Optional Accessory. Wired Foot Controller compatible with Cayman T. Cable length 4.3 m. (SKU: MD1241/FP)
  • Optional Accessory. Wireless Foot Controller compatible with Cayman B GPS. (SKU: MD1242/FP)


  • Optional Accessory. Quick Release Bracket compatible with Cayman B. Lock handle with eye for padlock. (SKU: MD1240/QR)


  • Replacement Wireless Controller Compatible with Cayman B and Cayman T. Models. 2.4GHz. Internal 3.7V/200mAh Lipo Rechargeable Battery. Lanyand, Clip and USB Cable included. (SKU: MD1243)
  • Replacement Propeller. Includes 9.3 inch, 3 Blade Propeller, 2 Set of Prop Nut, Washer and Drive Pin. 2 Spare Anodes. (SKU: MD1188)


  • Converter Bracket to mount a Cayman Bow Outboard onto a Boat’s Transom. (SKU: MD1240/Tx)